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Labor protection >> Face protection

Clear face shield mod. 424-rn/2.


Colorless protection shield designed to provide effective protection against the risk of impact by high-speed and Low-energy particles. This way the shield is able to withstand the impact of projectiles detached at high speed (up to 45 m / s),such us, small flying debris such as wood, metal and plastic chips, pieces of twigs and branches from gardening machinery, etc. Due to the special design of the face shield, any limitation on the angle of side vision is minimised and the shield can be worn by virtually any user. The optical class also allows extended use without discomfort for the wearer.
Ideal for working under conditions with some risk of impact by particles, e.g., when working with a lathe, milling machine, sharpener or sander or with woodworking or gardening machinery. The face shield provides effective protection against the impact of small flying debris such as wood, metal and plastic chips as well as pieces of twigs and branches. The face shield pass successfully the Increased robustness test (impact of a 43 g steel ball at 5.1 m/s) and the high speed and Low energy impact test (impact of a 6 mm diameter and 0.86 g steel ball projected at 45 m/s).


-Resistance to UV radiation: At<3%
-Spherical refractive power:(-0.03÷0.01)dp
-Astigmatic refractive power: <0.06 dp
-Prismatic refractive power:
Horiz: <0.25 cm/m

Vert: <0.05 cm/m

-Optical class: CLASS 1
-Mean transmission, visible: (85.0±2).0%
-Light diffusion: CONFORMS
-Increased mechanical resistance: CONFORMS
-Low-energy, high-speed Impact resistance: CONFORMS
-Resistance to high temperatures: CONFORMS
-Flame resistance: CONFORMS
-Fog resistance: CONFORMS

The visor is manufactured of 1.15-mm thick cellulose acetate with an non-fogging treatment on both sides. His measures are 320 x 290 mm. with the width tapering at the bottom of the visor.


According to EN-166, EN-167 and EN-168: 1996.
Requirements of R.D.1407 / 1992.


Conforms to CE standards needed.
Unit10,5521 £ (12,7680 £ incl. VAT)