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Cylindrical antivibrationdamper - silentblock


Anti vibration mounts with female thread on both sides.Suitable for internal vibrations machines damping (motors, pumps, hydraulic groups,generating sets, welding machines, etc..). Designed for compressive work


-Material: Natural rubber (NR) and 55 shöre hardness.


-ISO 9002.
Size DSize HThread (d)LoadDeflectionQuantitySizePrice
20 mm15 mmM-625 Kg3 mmUnit1,1201 £ (1,3553 £ incl. VAT)
20 mm25 mmM-625 Kg5 mmUnit1,1920 £ (1,4423 £ incl. VAT)
25 mm25 mmM-840 Kg5 mmUnit1,2459 £ (1,5075 £ incl. VAT)
25 mm30 mmM-835 Kg6 mmUnit1,3178 £ (1,5945 £ incl. VAT)
30 mm30 mmM-880 Kg6 mmUnit1,3417 £ (1,6235 £ incl. VAT)
35 mm35 mmM-890 Kg8 mmUnit1,7670 £ (2,1381 £ incl. VAT)
40 mm30 mmM-10150 Kg8 mmUnit1,8264 £ (2,2099 £ incl. VAT)
40 mm40 mmM-10120 Kg10 mmUnit1,8808 £ (2,2758 £ incl. VAT)
50 mm50 mmM-10200 Kg12 mmUnit2,6684 £ (3,2288 £ incl. VAT)