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Magnetic bases >> Magnetic bases

Pot magnet with inner threaded hole


The magnetic bases are protected magnets by a metal housing. They have the advantage over a simple magnet been magnetized on one side only, the other faces are free of magnetic field. They can be used for many uses, such as tool for assembly, such as bumpers, to fix pieces, to bend, cut, paste, mechanize etc..


-Housing: Steel red painted.
-Maximum temperature: 60 ° C(ferrite).

(It should keep in mind that when increase the temperature to the maximum allowed magnets, the magnetic force of the magnet reduced from 30 to 40%. This loss is only temporary. When the temperature decrease, the magnetic force recovers the original value.Its important to tell you that in case of exceeding the maximum allowable temperature, the magnet could be irreparably damaged ).
Size DSize AThread MMagnet typePull strenghtWeightQuantitySizePrice
17,5 mm16 mmM-6AINiCo2,6 Kg23 grUnit2,0125 £ (2,4351 £ incl. VAT)
20,5 mm19 mmM-6AINiCo4 Kg40 grUnit2,7673 £ (3,3484 £ incl. VAT)
27 mm25,4 mmM-6AINiCo6,1 Kg85 grUnit5,4506 £ (6,5952 £ incl. VAT)
35 mm30 mmM-6AINiCo14,7 Kg184 grUnit9,8509 £ (11,9196 £ incl. VAT)
40 mm35 mmM-6NdFeB25 Kg290 grUnit17,6098 £ (21,3079 £ incl. VAT)