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High performance grease for bearings with mos2 ref. 52224 k2 plex


Grease with an excellent performance developed for a long lasting lubrication. It consists of a grease base in lithium complex soap. Highly refined paraffinic oil, Antiwear, antioxidant, anticorrosion an Extreme Pressur additives together with Molybdenum Disulphide, Its free of lead, heavy metals and other products detrimental to the environment.
To be used as high performance multipurpose lubricant in roller and plain bearings, sliding and roller guides, joints, splined shafts, threaded spindels, small gearboxes and so on, under severe working conditions of vibration, loads, shocks even in enviroment with water, humidity, dust....
-Excellent load carrying capacity.
-Welding load up till 3.200 Kg.
-Good resistance to Oxidation.
-Very stable against water.
-Reduces wear and allows extended lubrication intervals.
-Provides excellent lubrication of emergency in extreme situations.
*How to use:
-Is used like any conventional lithium grease, by brush, spatula, grease gun or automatic lubricating device. Suitable for delivery by central lubrication system.
-Is compatible with any grease withe the same base (thickener and oil). If not, consult our tecnical department.


-Color: Black.
-Density (ISO 2811): 0.89 g / ml.
-Working temperature: -20º C to +160º C.
-Viscosity At 40º C (ASTM D445): 100 cst.
-Consistency (ASTM D217): NLGI 2.
-Penetración 60G (ASTM D217): 265 mm-¹ - 295 mm-¹.
-Variation penetration G 100M (ASTM D217): <30 points.
-Drop point (ASTM D566):> 250 ° C.
-Water wash out (ASTM D1264), % grease loss: <3%.
-Welding load SHELL 4 balls (ASTM D2596): 3200 N.
-Hoffmann-oxidation pump 100 h (ASTM D 942): <3 Psi.
-Corrosion protection (ASTM D 1743): 0.
-Corrosion resistance, EMCOR test (ASTM D 6138): 0/0.


Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Do not breathe vapor / spray. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

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