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Lifting and lashing >> Hoisting gear

Hoist cable with hook


Hoist cable with reel and safety hook equipped.


-Material: Wiredrawing on galvanized steel.


-DIN EN ISO 9002.
Ø Wire ropeLenghtResistenceWire rope breaking strainWeight/mQuantitySizePrice
B (8,3 mm)20 meters200/220 Kg/mm²4000 Kg0,270 Kg/mUnit94,6819 £ (114,5651 £ incl. VAT)
B (8,3 mm)30 meters200/220 Kg/mm²4000 Kg0,270 Kg/mUnit116,6116 £ (141,1000 £ incl. VAT)
B (8,3 mm)40 meters200/220 Kg/mm²4000 Kg0,270 Kg/mUnit133,5703 £ (161,6201 £ incl. VAT)
E (11,5 mm)20 meters180/200 Kg/mm²8000 Kg0,490 Kg/mUnit147,8238 £ (178,8668 £ incl. VAT)
E (11,5 mm)30 meters180/200 Kg/mm²8000 Kg0,490 Kg/mUnit168,4484 £ (203,8226 £ incl. VAT)
D (16,3 mm)10 meters180/200 Kg/mm²16000 Kg1,050 Kg/mUnit107,4418 £ (130,0046 £ incl. VAT)
D (16,3 mm)20 meters180/200 Kg/mm²16000 Kg1,050 Kg/mUnit146,5875 £ (177,3709 £ incl. VAT)