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Labor protection >> Glasses

Round lens 50 mm diameter


These filters protect from UV produced by the electric arc and of the visible radiation produced by fusion in the welding metal in to the flame and in the oxyfuel.
The optical quality and greenish allow undistorted vision and therefore without eyestrain in all welding and cutting processes.


-Tone 6 and colorless.
-Glass-Diameter: 50 mm.
-Higher-yellow-green-colored glass, manufactured by drawing continuous Procedures and Control Laboratory to Ensure the accuracy of tonality.


According standard NF S77, DIN 4647 and BSS 679.


This product has been certified according to CE and MS.


To protect your eyes from harmful radiation produced by welding, the European Union and various countries have published standards to ensure adequate protection of welding filters.
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T-6GreenUnit0,7614 £ (0,9213 £ incl. VAT)