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Sporty safety shoe mod. b440 s1 src


* Flexible and light outsole:
  On one side PU foam density, with micro air cameras equipped , that gives maxim comfort and lightness.
And on the other side , a thin layer of high density TPU that cover all PU, getting a great abrasion resistance, without adding sole rigidity.

* Outstanding grip:
Thats to his extensive support area.
Facilitates natural foot rotation walking.
Increases stability of the body in movement.

* Innovative draining system that drains the inside sweat to outside.
The layer in contact with the foot filter the sweat keeping it dry.
The middle layer acts (thanks to its structure microcameras) as a paper towel , directing the
sweat to the ouside layer.
This outside layer, trasnpirable leather,helps the sweat expulsion in vapor form.


-Material: suede split leather.
-It has 3M reflective.


According standard S1.


ISO 9001:2000
Nº 39Pair44,8747 £ (54,2984 £ incl. VAT)
Nº 40Pair45,4295 £ (54,9697 £ incl. VAT)
Nº 41Pair45,5094 £ (55,0664 £ incl. VAT)
Nº 42Pair45,4295 £ (54,9697 £ incl. VAT)
Nº 43Pair45,4295 £ (54,9697 £ incl. VAT)
Nº 44Pair45,5036 £ (55,0594 £ incl. VAT)
Nº 45Pair45,4706 £ (55,0194 £ incl. VAT)
Nº 46Pair45,4706 £ (55,0194 £ incl. VAT)
Nº 47Pair45,6230 £ (55,2038 £ incl. VAT)