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Special biodegradable degreaser (d-15 b)


Universal and neutral biodegradable degreaser. Due to his dispersing and humectants properties removes all types of dirt oily and / or greasy. Does not leave residue or oily film. dont damage glass. Dont decant any of his bases.
Ideal for degreasing of machinery and floors, removing fat of hoods, ovens, filters, etc ... fat removal in machines cold condenser, lactic industries, food, canning, meat, etc ..., to cleaning high-pressure machines, in cold and hot water, etc. .
Through his concentration allow solutions up to 15 parts water.


-Volume: 5 Liters.
-Color: Pale yellow.
-P.H.: Neutral.
-Density: 1.01
-Fire: Null.
-Toxicity: Null.
-Solubility: Completely soluble.


*** WARNINGS ***
No toxic neither produces toxic fumes. Not flammable or combustible. We recommend, if you have to work a long time with D-15-B Wear gloves to prevent skin drying. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

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