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Cable and wire rope tensioner device tirvit


Tirvit steel wires tensioner, for hanging electric and telephone lines, fences, wire weaving , fastening and vineyard supports ... , to tow caravans, stuck cars, machines, boats ..., for starting picket lines, stumps .. Lightweight, portable and small sizes, the Tirvit tensor meets simplicity and robustness. Instantaneous start on and easy to use.


Tensioner made of a chassis-guide, with articulated lever, which alternately drives two jaws, provided with self-closing cam that drag a cable or wire.
To Eeach lever movement the two jaws are displaced in opposite chassis direction , one drag the cable, while the other moves back dragging it , when reverse the lever movement.


-DIN EN ISO 9002.
ModelPulling capacityØ Wire ropeTo and fro travel of leveWeightQuantitySizePrice
F-2400 KgØ Until 8 mm65 mm4 KgUnit186,5063 £ (225,6726 £ incl. VAT)
F-3600 KgØ From 7 till 15 mm75 mm5,2 KgUnit201,8179 £ (244,1997 £ incl. VAT)
F-4800 KgØ From 12 till 20 mm90 mm6,2 KgUnit263,7280 £ (319,1109 £ incl. VAT)